Column #6: bought for corporate collection, Vincent Uilenbroek

As an art advisor I frequently visit(ed) art fairs. The time that we could visit large scale and crowded events seems like ages ago. Last February the KPMG Art Committee visited Art Rotterdam, the main artfair in The Netherlands for contemporary art. More than 80 different (intern)national galleries present hundreds of artists in The Van Nellefabriek. Ten-thousands art lovers visit it, it is packed, 1,5 meter distance is unthinkable. How will an artfair look like in the near future?

This year we bought two paintings of Vincent Uilenbroek at the artfair. I asked Vincent about the technique he uses and how he feels as an artist in this Corona crisis.

Vincent Uilenbroek, Ghost Image After Glow #7

The work of Vincent Uilenbroek (Haarlem 1980) is based on the process of making an artwork and the residue that it leaves behind. The hierarchy of form and residue is twisted around. That what is normally regarded irrelevant such as traces of painterly is made important and with it, it forms a new abstract language.

Vincent Uilenbroek, Ghost Image After Glow #12

Vincent explains: “The traces of paint on the studio wall for example. A white negative space is left behind when a canvas is removed. But also ink left in a screen when the job is done making screen prints, leaving a ghost image of the printed template. In my Ghost Image After Glow series, I combine these two elements. The work has a certain volume of past, present and future in it. Maybe a beginning, maybe an end but by looking into the silkscreen you enter a mental space. Its filled and empty in the same time.”

Vincent Uilenbroek portret

I asked Vincent how he copes with the Corona crisis. He noticed that the art world is searching how to deal with this new situation. 

He says: “No doubt things will change but I hope artists, galleries, museums, art lovers and buyers will join forces to keep the art world alive. Online shows and art dealing is a way to reach the audience that is locked inside. Nevertheless not every artwork has the same aura on photo or laptop screen. In the end seeing a work of art in real life is telling you so much more.”

“Besides my artistry I try to reach people with art online as owner of Studio Onvervalst. It is a platform where I make accessible screen prints for a broader audience working with renowned artists. Lately I printed a screen print by Joost Swarte that he designed for a local radiomarathon dealing with Corona in these times. The money raised selling the prints was donated to the Red Cross.”

“I hope we can stay strong together. Maybe art can unite us and inspires us coping the crises we are in today.”

Vincent Uilenbroek, Flux #8 (bought for private collection)

At the end of 2020 their is a new solo show of Vincent’s work planned at Gallery Dudokdegroot in Amsterdam.

(Jacko Brinkman, April 2020)

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